Data Conversion

• Scanning /Digitizing /Vectorization
• Cartography & Map Layout Generation
• E-book Creation
• Data Entry and Tabulation
• Image Conversion through OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
• OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) Tabular Data Plotting & Map Generation

Data Management

• Document Management System (DMS)
• Database Updates Services
• Geodatabase creation & management

Image Processing

• Seamless data creation
• Resolution improvement & Merging / Noise Reduction
• Geopositioning
• Image Fitting
• Change Detection from multi-temporal Imagery
• Retrieving old brittle maps/drawings
• Image Cleaning & Editing

Remote Sensing & GIS Based Solution

• Land use/ Land cover Mapping
• Vector updates (Transport Network Mapping) High-resolution Urban Mapping
• Forest Density Mapping and species level vegetation mapping
• Water turbidity mapping
• Crop Pattern and Crop Health Mapping
• Utility Mapping / Multi-Level


• Underground Utility Management System (Under­Ground Pipe / Cable survey using EPL /EGL & GPR instruments/ Depth Assessment)
• GPS Survey of Electrical Network (HT/ LT Electrical transmission Lines-Cables & Feeders survey -Hand held GPS & DGPS)
• Consumer Indexing & Asset Codification Cadastral Survey
• Topographical Survey
• Door-to-Door (Contact) Survey

Third Party Inspection

• Project Monitoring and supervision of quality as a Third Party implementing Agency.

Desktop & Web Based GIS Application

• System study
• Development of Software
• Map & Data base integration Development, Testing & Implementation Training

Instruments We Own

• DGPS Base Station & Rover
• Hand Held GPS
• Total Station (ETS)
• Electronic Pipe/ Cable Locator (EPUECL) Ground Penetration Radar (GPR)
• Auto Level

Software We Own

• Arc GIS server & desktop
• Auto CAD Map
• Terrasync Professional Software

Project Management

• Inspection of Equipment & Expediting Services
• Project Monitoring & Control
• Quality Assurance & Inspection
• Our project management group provide assistance during procurement, tender management , negotiation and award.
• Day to day monitoring of multi-disciplinary projects including inspection of equipment’s, erection and fabrication of steel structures and site supervision of civil works and other riche areas.

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