About Us


Last Peak Data Services Pvt. Ltd is a company that specializes in BPO, KPO, ITes, Medical Billing and Coding, Remote Sensing, GIS mapping, surveying with Data Protection and application development. Established in 2004 we have expanded our services to reach across almost Pan India. The philosophy of the company is to provide quality individual business solutions through bespoke on BPO, KPO, ITes, Medical Billing and Coding & GIS, software and database development along with data backup and protection in order to forge long-term strategic partnerships with our clients.


We are committed to deliver all our services to the highest quality standards. We achieve this with boring regularity by applying our Quality Management System (QMS), Quality Solved, to all projects. In addition to careful specification, high quality development and rigorous testing, we aim for the highest possible quality in our dealings with clients. Our policy is to only take on orders that we can deliver using available resources to ensure maximum commitment to your projects and to meet our commitment to deliver before agreed deadlines.
We have specialized skills in BPO, KPO, ITes, Medical Billing and Coding, RS, Arc GIS, AUTO CAD, ERDAS products and we trust the quality of data produced by Mapping, surveying and software development.


We have a proven track record of our team for over five years of Mapping, Survey, application development, testing and Client supporting and over twenty years’ experience of BPO, KPO, ITes, Medical Billing and Coding.
We help our GIS customers optimize their reserves in scientific applications Remote Sensing and image Processing, GIS Mapping and Development, Technical Computing and Modelling, CAD digitization and Documents Management System (DMS). For BPO, KPO, ITes, Medical Billing and Coding Clients as well as GIS Clients, with expertise derived from deep product relationships with scientific application leaders, we offer sales and distribution through our office and extensive network throughout the country and application development and value added services.


Our Services and Support to organizations and institutions (mainly PSUs & ULBs) all over the world will continue to be a key business area by maintaining its strengths in the field of Geospatial solutions and services. We want to strengthen our Support through our comprehensive and cost-effective attitude in the global market.


Last Peak competitive advantage
  • Cradle to Grave system evaluation, development and service execution
  • Scalable portfolio: modular service components
  • Rapid Response Time execution (RRT)
  • Best of breed data base technology: Autonomic Reporting
  • Next Gen Document Process Outsourcing™ (DPO)
  • Custom made design of unified solution
  • Not vanilla offering from outsourcing aggregator
  • Quality and Cost: compelling pricing & dedication to quality
  • Reliability & Integrity
  • Cutting Edge Technology

OUR Benefits

We are feeling proud
  • Urban planning and development assessment.
  • Decision support system (DDS) for the management.
  • Organization assets monitoring.
  • An Information system, which provides info about parcels, environmental issues, sewers, development Plans, television/ gas cables, etc.
  • Disaster or fire information system.
  • Improve project planning, reduce project downtime and avoid costly rescheduling.
  • Detect underground fuel tanks, data cables and fibre optics, where remedial costs could be high.
  • Improves efficiency and reducing operating and manpower costs.
  • Geo-coding of databases.
  • Cost effective hand-drawn conversions.
  • Enhances performance and adds value.
  • Reduces risk of damage and loss.
  • The customer’s need is identified and captured in this stage to understand their exact requirement.
  • A huge advantage of document scanning and digitizing is a higher and faster return of file and document information.
  • Updating of the non-spatial database on a day to day citizen centric level.
  • Economic Development for Organization.


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