Revenue Cycle Management solution consists of Medical Billing, Credentialing, Training andFollow-Up Services, Analysis and Updating of all CPT, ICD-9 and HCPCS Codes, Analysis and using Correct Modifiers to Increase Reimbursement Dollar Amounts, Accounts Receivable Management, Customised Monthly Financial Report, Generate and Mail Monthly Patient Statements, Management of Collections, Complete Practice Analysis, HIPAA Compliance Review, Consulting and Training for Client and client staff on Billing and Coding Issues.​

CPT, ICD-10, and HCPCS coding across various specialties.

Insurance and governmental regulatory requirements.

Payer-specific coding requirements.


No one knows your business process better than you!! But outsourcing with Last Peak permits you to reduce the cost of operations, decrease risks, shorten cycle times, lower investments, and create an organization that is responsive to your needs. Our process architects will work with you to assimilate your business process, systems, and technology, thus making it easy for us to achieve your objectives.


Last Peak’s collaborative outsourcing model, based on best practices for tasks, deliverables, and key performance benchmarks, creates a high-performance and profitable outsourcing relationship that keeps you in the driver’s seat while Last Peak performs the essential back office functions. This permits you to harvest the benefits of:
• Obtaining higher value generating, more efficient services than internal sources can offer.
• Improve your innovative capability by allowing you to access “best in the world” practices.
• Gain access to knowhow and experience that your organisation might have missed in areas that are both core and con core to your operations.
• Enabling you to “Stick to the knitting” – permitting you to focus upon the processes that really make it different without the distraction of managing non-core tasks.


Last Peak’s process architect learns your business requirements, priorities, and operating scenarios; structure the implementation program and timelines; and plan manpower staffing and training requirements. In the Discover phase, Last Peak’s project team analyses your process to learn how services are being performed, the skill sets of the people performing the services, and to critically evaluate if services can be re-engineered to be delivered optimally offsite.


Post Discovery, Last Peak assigns an experienced team of process consultants, team leaders, and training coordinators to create a transition road map. This road map is time line and milestone sensitive, with an emphasis on establishing a framework for the risk-free development, implementation, and transition of outsourced activities. Our E-services Team works with you to set up data transmission and communication protocols that meet with and exceed Legislative Requirements while adhering to the tenets of simplicity, robustness and scalability. Last Peak works with you to set up mutually acceptable performance benchmarks and milestones to be reached at various stages of the implementation cycle.


Test Drives demonstrate the effectiveness of the outsourcing relationship and create a scalable, flexible model. We metric each process to derive KPI’s, Checks and Balances. You are assured access to advanced technology and evolved processes, skills, and competence.


The Iterate phase keeps Last Peak’s processes “fit for the future”, assisting you in retaining the competitive edge and giving you the strategic resilience to win in the competitive market place. You are freed to find more business prospects and tune service offerings for greater end customer satisfaction; this helps you enhance your investor return and profitability without sacrificing your Business Objects.


Quality is constantly monitored and improved through ongoing accredited external third party auditors to guarantee that you always exceed client requirements relating to quality and on time delivery. Our comprehensive living process manuals keep our employees and you in sync with the regulatory and procedural changes as well as individual client requirements. These reduce defect rates and keep you in sync with client requirements boosting Client Satisfaction Score


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