Geographic Information System solution consists of capturing, storing, checking, integrating, manipulating, analysing and displaying geo-data related to positions on the Earth’s surface and data related to attributes of the spatial entities. This is achieved through GIS mapping to predefined scale and ultimately leading to the generation of intelligent maps.
Intent of this specification is to effectively integrate geospatial decision support system with the municipal / Development Authority e-Governance solution for decision making under services like issuance of construction permits, solid waste management etc.
This specification includes a proposed solution/methodology of providing a GIS based mapping and asset coding for the land; tax assessment and development of a project area information management system.
This shall enable creation of geo-database, which shall provide interfaces to the present and future business applications planned to be implemented by the ULB. The agency shall have to furnish desired information about data structure, source code, design document, user manual etc., (except for COTS GIS products if used, as well as non-proprietary) as and when required at no extra cost to the ULB so that the required socket for communication with the future application can be designed and made operational.

Geo-spatial Services We Provide

The Geomatics division of Last peak data Pvt. Ltd caters to comprehensive Geo-spatial services with a legacy in implementing Utility Mapping, Data Collection and GIS survey and Web GIS solution. We offer advanced geo-spatial solution for domestic and overseas market.

Digital Mapping & Cartography

Remote Sensing

GIS Consulting & Implementation


Change Detection And Studies

Geo-Database Design & Management

Data Collection & Survey

Digitization of Engineering Drawings/Maps

Document Management System


Infrastructure and Utility

Urban Planning and Development

Consumer Indexing and Asset Codification

Municipal Asset Management, Power Utility

Disaster Management and Mitigation

Coastal Zone Management

House-hold, Power,Oil, Gas, Mining etc.

KOPT, Dept of Land records, Institute of Wetland Management

KOPT, Municipalities

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