Business Strategy
Last Peak Data Pvt. Ltd. is a leading technology solution provider of India with a client base across India. We have been navigating through a challenge driven path from July 2014 to establish its credibility in providing service and solution to its client in a wide range of band-width encompassing around a moderated domain of spatial technological applications.

LAST PEAK Data has an all-pervasive Quality Management System (QMS).
As a highly customer-centric company, our team aims at developing the best and most optimal solutions for each client irrespective of its size and the level of technology required for satisfying the needs of the project in an expanded horizon ranging from Geo-informatics, Documents management system, Engineering drawing digitization and detailing.
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Case Study
Phase-I: Network Survey of Town-wise urban electrical networks (Feeders, Transformers and Substation), collecting detailed attributes for related electrical assets and Electrical Network map generation for the same.
Phase-II: Consumer Survey of Town-wise urban electrical networks and mapping individual consumer with the mapped electrical network.
Phase-III: Development of Geodatabase (PGDBM) for each town for network analysis and asset evaluation.
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