• Profile Note on Key Personnel of Last Peak

    Last Peak and its entities, subsidiaries and associates are companies that have been formed to met specific requirements of distance working and as well as meeting with the requirements of web enabled services and exploiting revenue streams in the Business Process Outsourcing field of IT Enabled Services. The key management personnel are :-

    Principal: Vasant Subramanyan

    Vasant Subramanyan, is a Director of Last Peak Solutions, Last Peak BPO and Last Peak Data, all existing ITeS provider with a continuous and enviable track record of deliverables registered with the STPI Kolkata. The companies have been operating in the space of off shore servicing of various healthcare companies in the US and have been able to create employment potential in Kolkata. He has also been a consultant in IT to various new technology ventures in the US which have seen the convergence of various platforms in data, voice and picture capture. Has enabled the creation of new platforms of convergence in telephony instruments that have resulted in now product rollouts. Former international corporate compliance & financial administration consultant Former multi-national, F200 consultant on cross-border trade, statutory compliance & M&A.

    Founder of Last Peak Solutions, Pvt., off-shore service provider to US based Healthcare Services sector, data warehousing/data mining & customized software solutions Business process outsourcing (BPO) and process integration consultant on “next gen” smart phones & converged devices
    Business transactor in North America, Asia, UK/Europe, Middle East & South America Proven track record of US customer satisfaction*

    Principal: Sharad Subramanyan

    Sharad Subramanyan, is a Director of the holding company and SPV promoting the companies of the Last Peak Group. A fiscalist by profession and a financial consultant to many F500 companies, he is currently actively involved in financing Greenfield infrastructure projects in many countries and more specifically in emerging markets. Formulated and implemented fiscal reform policies with specific reference to expanding base of taxable entities. Institutional and Corporate exposure on Direct and Indirect Taxation as also matters relating to Valuation under GATT / WCO and anti dumping, and enabling grass-root level financing for international nodal agencies. Set up a consultancy firm dealing specifically in fiscal issues as also providing advice to Central Governments and implementing infrastructure projects for Federal/ State Governments include syndication of finance.

    Principal: Jan Subramanyan

    Jan Subramanyan is the Director Operations of Last Peak. She looks after the process flows and integration of work schedules to ensure seamless deliveries against contracts. She has the added responsibility of heading the HR and function for the Group. A senior Art Director in advertising who has worked with most of the top 10 Advertising Agencies worldwide, she made the crossover to the ITeS sector  and has used her creative talents to the advantage of Last Peak.