Our Medical Billing Services are provided nationwide including Georgia, Virginia, Florida  etc. Since each healthcare provider and/or practice is unique, we customise our Medical Billing Services to meet your individual needs. We have the ability to remotely access your database, networking our software with your office, or having your information scanned or faxed to us. This includes all or some of the following services, depending on your individual needs.

• Data Entries

DEMOGRAPHIC ENTRIES We obtain information which contains the patients’ demographic details, Insurance details and Insurance card copy and enter this information into the database.


We obtain the scanned Charge Sheets which contains each patient’s Diagnosis and the Procedures performed by the doctor or surgeon on a particular date as well as the Drugs administered. The patient’s diagnosis, procedures and drugs, which are recorded by the doctor on the CS is entered into the database.


The QA compares the demographic fields and Charge fields of scanned files with the database software Demographic entries and Charge entries for each patient. Errors are rectified if any.


The person in the QA Level II compares the printed copy of the Demographic entries and charge entries of the patient with the scanned files of each patient. The QA level II rectifies the error, which has been missed by the primary quality analyst while checking.

File Claims

Most claims are filed electronically and only a few will go on paper. This is dependant upon the insurance carrier the claims are going to


Statements are mailed out from our office on behalf of your practice or facility. The protocols of statements and collections are done specifically to your specifications.


As we receive payments and explanations of benefits from you, we post these into the database. Each EOB will be audited for correct payment and/or benefits.


If a payment or denial has been made incorrectly, we challenge the insurance companies to receive the correct reimbursement for you.


Reports are done on a monthly basis. Because each provider and/or practice is different, we customise our reports for you.

Fee Schedules

It is vital to have fee schedules with the insurance companies and networks that you participate in, updated on a yearly basis. We request these fee schedules and negotiate the pricing on your behalf. Inflation and cost of living increases on a yearly basis, so should your reimbursement.