Customer’s Need

  • Centralised & knowledgeable service & data agents
  • Unified, strategically developed marketing & support services
  • Tactical services such as data mining, data warehousing & integrated customer support to minimise churn
  • Proactive marketing & support for customer satisfaction & loyalty
  • Compellingly low cost implementation
  • Proprietary control yet outsourcing cost efficiency
  • Confidence in reliability of outsourced services see slide 13

Bottom Line: Customer Satisfaction

End User’s Needs

  • Larger enterprise accounts have account managers
  • Consumers & small/midsize enterprise accounts are left on their own
  • Classic CRM paradigm is reactive
  • Reacts to spot fires
  • Consumers & enterprise accounts need:
  • Understanding & effective customer care in language they understand
  • Proactive CRM focused on ‚Äúsmall things