Cradle to grave solution converging:

  • Telemarketing
  • Customer data entry &
  • Transaction document creation with network integration

New paradigm: Last Peak agent as Customer e-loan agent:

  • Telemarkets targeted bank customer lists
  • Pre-qualifies customer credit
  • Enters customer data
  • Prepares documents

Transmits loan package to Customer workflow network for Customer closing agent Last Peak Value:

  • Highly skilled & trained telemarketing agent
  • Highly skilled data entry and form creation
  • Rapid response by Customer-dedicated team
  • Compelling cost

Customer ROI:

  • Modern e-commerce transaction for Customer via his/her home
  • Customer satisfaction means greater loyalty
  • Pro-active marketing to targeted customers as CRM tool
  • Customer understood & process made simple
  • Increased revenue

Old paradigm:

e.g. mortgage lead/loan transaction: mid-level employee(s) market, credit qualify & document prep inbound loan application – high cost in time and labor

Power Of One
2 Prongs Shape the P1 SmartMarketing™ Tool
Human Interface:
Proactive upsell
E-commerce look & feel
Smart Marketing
Customer Satisfaction =
Increased Revenue
Back End Process:
BPO efficiency
Quality @ low cost