Medical Transcription

  • Web based voice to text conversion via voice ASP, desktop or handheld dictation device.
  • Conversion of scanned handwritten form to e-format w/ meta data Call-Centre.

Medical Billing and Coding

  • Patient Registration
  • Charge Entry
  • Entering and submitting primary and secondary commercial claims along with attachments
  • Entering and submitting Monthly, Workers’ Compensation
  • Claims along with attachments
  • Entering and submitting primary and secondary commercial claims, up to six CPT lines per date of service
  • Entering and submitting Monthly Workers Compensation Claims with required attachments
  • Entering and submitting Monthly Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Claims with required attachments
  • Following up with insurance carriers and/or the clearinghouse to ensure acceptance of claims
  • Checking the status of claims
  • Producing Patient Statement
  • Payments posting
  • Tracking unpaid procedures and sending Letters of Medical Necessity, as required
  • Resubmitting claims to insurance carriers, if desired
  • Notification to clients regarding ‘Incomplete Claims’
  • Denial Management
  • Reconciliation
  • Returned mails
  • Refunds
  • Provider Data updates
  • Specialty Options
  • Reports—Monthly reports on accounts receivable pending, claims submitted, unable to bill out patients, etc.
  • And other related services
  • Form creation, network integration & archiving

Call Centre (BPO)

We provide On-Shore contact point for our customer through the high-tech VOIP technology.

We have 24×365 support contact centre for our clients.

Other Core Services

Converged Solution